When you are experiencing overwhelming feelings and can’t think that life will ever change, it is uself to keep a diary or journal of how you feel and what you are doing on a daily basis.   The act of writing things down is often cathartic and importantly when you read back what you have written perhaps a week or two later you see how feelings change so often and so quickly.  It is a really good way of seeing that things aren’t static and do move.  Feeling upset or depressed can make you feel that you have always felt like this and will always feel like this in the future.  This is very common and understandable.  Feeling depressed can feel so all consuming that it is almost impossible to see a way out.  Keeping a diary will help to see that there is a way out, that you won’t always feel like this and life changes.  FLIP have launched a new website called the Divorce Diaries.  I think it is very helpful: www.divorcediaries.co.uk