Suzy Miller from the Starting Over Show has introduced Divorce in a Box.  This is reviewed here:  Can divorce and all its ramifications be put in box? The idea is that all the things you may need to know about divorce comes in this lovely box wrapped in ribbon with names of people who can help you.  This will cost you £40.  Is it the cost which is off putting or is it something else?  Firstly, all the information in the box, is available for free online.  Secondly, there is something rather glib and gimmicky about buying it in a box.  There are self- help books and information leaflets and booklets all over the place.  Rightly, I feel, they are not neatly packaged and wrapped in ribbon.  A gimmicky gift for someone? Maybe, but how will it be received?  The principle of providing help and information at what is a very confusing time, is a good one but to make something into a present, when advice and information pointers should be a given and a right, is an altogether different story.  I don’t think you can put divorce in a box no more than you can put death in a box.  What do you think?