There has been a lot of press in the last month or two about divorce insurance.  Some people are horrified by it as though by taking out this insurance policy, it is a cynical statement about marriage.  The article written in My Daily which you can read here – says that it is ‘horrifyingly practical’   I think it is practical, but horrifying?  We all know the divorce statistics and a bit like knowing burglary statistics, we insure ourselves against it.  That is not to say we don’t enter marriage in the blissful belief that it won’t happen to us.  People who like to anticipate things going wrong in life and who can afford it, will insure against burglary, illness and travel problems.  Isn’t this just another one of those practicalities.  The reality is that most people struggle hugely with the financial cost of pursuing divorce proceedings. That cost comes out of marital assets, and hard earned income.  There is so much talk of lawyers being so expensive.  Isn’t this the way to prevent that loss if your relationship does end.  You can enter marriage full of hope and love with a policy document hidden away in a drawer.  It doesn’t mean that you anticipate anything, it just means that if that rainy day comes, it may not feel financially as well as emotionally devastating.