Having given a short interview to Linda Kelsey – Journalist on the Daily Mail, I was interested to read her article published today  http://bit.ly/qWPiY6.  Are we all about love and forgiveness now and finding a way to move on?  As I said before, I think there are many reasons for people leaving each other and filing for divorce and infidelity is a big one.  To talk about infidelity perhaps losing its sting is to underestimate and perhaps ignore the huge devastation that discovering infidelity brings.  Infidelity does not have to be the end of the relationship.  Many celebrity indiscretions are forgiven and we see couples in the public eye soldiering on – Wayne and Colleen,  David and Posh, Strauss Kahn and his wife, but whatever the public face of this seems to be, the private face is almost unbearable for many people.  Yes, find a way through if you can – privately and with help, but the fact that it is more commonplace and more talked about does not in any way diminish its painful impact.