If you are experiencing the sadness of separation or divorce,  colour can help. No matter how you are feeling or want to feel, there will be a colour that expresses that emotion. You may choose to wear colours to stay with that feeling, or colours to support change. You may wish to wear the colour or perhaps a bunch of flowers or something small in that colour is all you need.

 If you feel like hiding away at home on the sofa when it’s feeling all a bit too much, you may choose to wear grey to retreat. You may choose to wear pink to support yourself in a nurturing, loving way, or violet for self-reflection and contemplation.

 Here is a selection of colours showing some of their positive psychological traits, so no matter how you are feeling, you know there is a colour that will help support the outcome you want.

Pink                 – Nurtured, caring and loved

Yellow             – Optimism, self-confidence, self-esteem, uplifting

Green              – Peaceful, relaxed, restorative 

Light Blue        – Calm, reflective, creative thought 

Dark Blue        – Calm, focused, trust, loyalty 

Brown             – Grounding, dependable, reliable

Red                 – Energised, physical courage, strength

Violet               – Self-reflection, spiritual awareness

Orange            – Fun, joy, sensuality 

Black               – emotional safety, creating protective barrier from other

White               – clarity, simplicity, creating distance from others

Grey                – hides the personality, protection from others

Karen Haller is one of the UK’s leading authorities in the field of applied colour psychology. If you would like to know more about her services Karen can be contact on or 020 7727 4938 for a personal colour psychology consultation and bespoke colour chart. She is also available for talks and workshops.