summerWe’re heading for the long summer holidays and if you are separated, it might not feel all that joyous for a multitude of reasons.  Perhaps it’s the first time without your partner or as a family. Perhaps choosing a holiday feels more difficult and more self-conscious.  It may also mean spending time without your children because they are with their other parent.  Summer may feel that it’s happening to others, and not taking you with it.  It’s always strange to break familiar comfortable ways of life or habits.  Even if you get to go on holiday it can feel like a consolation prize rather than what you would like it to be.  However, like anything new it becomes part of how you do things and how you are.  You begin to inhabit it, instead of feeling how strange and odd everything is. Try to reframe the experience, by thinking of it as an adventure, an opportunity to develop, to explore to push your horizons.  Being outside feels lonely, but being inside something of your own creation can feel good.