It is said that January is ‘Divorce Month’ when there is a spike in the statistics showing that more petitions are issued in January than at any other time of year.  Why is that?  There is something about the new year that focuses people on decisions that have to be made.  It is not that suddenly people think they might like a divorce and go and see a solicitor, it is more a question of having thought about separation for a long time and feeling unhappy that people suddenly realise that they don’t want to start yet another year in a marriage that doesn’t work.  It is almost impossible to separate before Christmas (although people often find out about affairs before Christmas) and with it out of the way, then people who have been contemplating it for a long time, feel that it is an opportunity for a new start.  It can be confusing to be on the receiving end of a divorce petition in January.  It is confusing for someone who is left to make sense of a nice family Christmas and a good break to then be met with being told that the relationship is over.  People are very good at hiding what they are feeling but it does make one mistrustful of ever knowing what is going on in someone’s head.  Often the person who does the leaving or the breaking up of the relationship has been planning it for a very long time, both by thought and often by deed (finding alternative accomodation or another relationship) and that leaves the person who is left reeling from the shock and having to catch up with events. A January separation gives the term January Blues a whole other depth of meaning.