If the press speculation about Liz Hurley is correct, she will not only be suffering a private humiliation in front of friends and family about her separation from her husband, but as a celebrity, a public one too.  Clients of Divorce Support Group who have been separated, all too often feel ashamed and embarrassed  despite attempts to keep the marriage together.  It is common to feel that there is a failure on the part of the  partner who has been left or who has even done the leaving.   People who find themselves in the same situation as Liz Hurley might find help in one of our support group’s where the knowledge that they are not alone is very comforting.  Hearing other people’s similar experiences provides a perspective and leads to a feeling of being in control, despite an unplanned for future looming.    Talking it through in a support group run by a skilled and trained facilitator can allow a space to process what has happened and make some kind of sense of it. Liz Hurley may well put on a public face, but the pain inside will still be there for her to manage.