The benefit of A Divorce Workshop.

Often people tell me how alone and isolated they feel in their separation and divorce. Statistically we all know how common divorce is, but that knowledge does nothing to alleviate the feeling of being alone.  The other predominant issue is how overwhelming feelings...

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Only heterosexuals can be adulterous?

There is a story in the Telegraph today that if gay marriage was legalised, there would be no divorce on the grounds of adultery.  Why?  Apparently, the legal definition of adultery is sex between men and women.  I don't think a person in a same...

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Christmas isn’t fun for everyone.

If you are separated or divorced, you know only too well, how difficult Christmas can be.  There is the idealized image portrayed by glossy magazines and TV adverts.  The image of happy families opening presents under the tree and sharing fun and laughter around a...

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Marriage – Unrealistic Expectations?

Sir Paul Coleridge was interviewed in the Daily Mail today saying that young people enter marriage with expectations that are unrealistic.  He cites Hallo magazine as setting up idyllic marriage scenarios which people buy into and then get disappointed that life is in...

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Doubting the Christian Grey effect on Divorce

A curious article appeared last week in The Mirror: which said that a woman was divorcing her husband because he refused her demands for raunchy sex.  The article went on to say that more women are divorcing their men because of the Christian Grey...

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Are women still struggling after divorce?

There is an article in the Telegraph  about women relying on joint savings on retirement.  This has an impact when people divorce after a very long marriage.   One of the most stressful things for women is going into the next phase of their lives...

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Divorce at the Co-Op

The Co-op have announced that they are now dealing with divorces on a sliding scale from £99.  Campaigners have been quick to step in and say that it will just encourage divorce and devalues marriage.  The divorce process itself is such a long and protracted one and...

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Are men more committed?

The Marriage Foundation has published some research today which has been written about in the Daily Mail.  They have quoted some statistics showing that divorce rates are going down and that fewer women than in the past apply for a divorce especially in the first...

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Couple Sessions

If you and your partner are in crisis or in difficulties, I can offer you both a joint session and we can explore how to help you improve things between you or how to separate as comfortably as possible. 

My Blog

Divorcing a Narcissist

This blog is written by Michael Rowlands, Senior Partner at Kingsley Napley: The American writer Jonathan Franzen suggested that “nice people don’t necessarily fall in love with nice people”. As a divorce lawyer I see, daily, the fall out of such relationships and...

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Individual Consultations on Zoom or Skype

If you would prefer an individual session with me, please get in touch.