Often people tell me how alone and isolated they feel in their separation and divorce. Statistically we all know how common divorce is, but that knowledge does nothing to alleviate the feeling of being alone.  The other predominant issue is how overwhelming feelings can be.  In the space of an hour, one can feel bereaved, angry and even jealous and it is often exhausting.  Often people feel that there is only so much friends or family can take of what might feel like a looped tape of ‘stuff’ to offload.   

A Divorce Workshop run by psychotherapists, delivers the social (meeting others who will continue to support you and you them, for months to come) but also delivers the space to think and process some of those overwhelming feelings.  That is a very important component of moving through this major life event and without which, getting through it can take longer than it needs to.

Our Workshops have had fantastic feedback of how helpful they are.   That through the workshop,  people have been able (perhaps for the first time), to think of what seemed like a frightening unplanned for future and see that divorce is an end but it also a new beginning and that the future can be something to be looked forward to.