There is an article in today’s Guardian about removal of legal aid in all family cases apart from where there is an issue of domestic violence. The removal of legal aid helps makes a level playing field impossible and slows the court system down as people understandably use court time to work out what they are supposed to be doing and arguing points that may not be relevant or beneficial to them.  In my view it is short sighted as good legal advice,  shortens areas of dispute and enables people to see what their rights are and therefore empowers them to negotiate an informed settlement if possible.  People who come to our workshops feel very distressed that they are unable to access the marital assets that they are entitled to, because of lack of funding.  On the one hand they have been enabling their partner to earn money by looking after children or taking a lesser paid job but when it comes to it, they find themselves in an inequitable position having to go it alone whilst their partner can play power games with their money and legal team. Not good.