The article today in the Daily Mail which covers the story of a couple divorcing in Conneticut  gives rise to lots of issues about the role of social media in divorce.  In this case, the couple were ordered to hand over their passwords to their facebook accounts so that evidence of adultery could be found.  The law is different here and whatever the reason cited for divorce, it has no impact on any financial settlement.  The question though, is how often social media is the cause of people finding out about their partners infidelity or just what is happening in their lives.  Twenty years ago, you had to hide behind hedges and behind lampposts in pursuit of an unfaithful partner to have suspicions confirmed.  Now, all it takes is a quick look at a carelessly left mobile, or an email left open on screen or a trawl of facebook.   Is it a more painful way to find out about infidelity?  I think so.  Not only, does the fact of the infidelity come to light but the history of it and the detail of it.  Peering round a hedge and seeing your partner with another woman gives a one frame snapshot.  Reading a litany of emails or facebook exchanges, gives excruciatingly painful detail allowing knowledge of times,  history and depth of feeling between the ex and his or her new partner.  It seems to make the possibility of forgiveness and trying to make the marriage work that much more difficult.  In that case, it definitely does play a role in cementing a separation which might otherwise have been avoided.