New research published in The Mail shows that men and women who have self compassion, were more likely to recover from their divorce quicker than people who did not have that self compassion.  The research has shown that people who are angry or jealous, but who do not ruminate on these feelings have better outcomes than those who don’t. Isn’t this just saying that people who don’t experience feelings of ruminating or levels of anxiety or jealousy do better than those who do.  Of course, that must be right, but did we need research to tell us that? It’s like saying, people who feel better, feel better.  Part of the reason that people come to DSG support groups is because they need help in dealing with all those feelings including feeling very stuck and unable to move on.  It isn’t easy to experience a divorce or separation and feel self compassion.  People more often than not need help to get through those feelings which includes feeling less alone and isolated because in our groups people can physically see they are not alone and in groups people can share their experiences of how they cope with all those feelings.


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